Case Studies

Case #1

Patient presented with pathologic occlusion with severe attritional wear along with rampant erosion due to acid.

Treatment: A few remaining deciduous teeth were removed and implants placed after orthodontic therapy was completed which aligned arches and leveled the incisal and occlusal planes. The upper and lower rehabilitation was then finalized with porcelain fused to gold crowns.

Terry W. before picture



The trip took awhile. I know Dr. Bill and Chris are up for adventures, but you can't beat this smile, it's way better than dentures."

- Terry W.

Case #2

Patient presented with non-treatable acid erosion of all remaining natural teeth in upper and lower arches.

Treatment: 6 implants placed on the upper arch and 6 implants placed on the lower arch with the upper being an implant screw retained Porcelain fused to Titanium Bar prosthesis and the lower being a screw retained Hybrid Zirconium prosthesis which created an esthetically pleasing and fully functioning upper and lower dentition.

Esther Thomas before picture


Esther Thomas after picture


"Love my smile! I value good health and a good appearance. I had neither before meeting Dr. Bill. I suffered from bleeding gums, broken and failing teeth. I visited my dentist regularly, but no treatment plan worked. Don't believe all dental professionals are created equally. They are not.

Dr. Bill Changed my life. He listened. We agreed on a treatment plan. I did my part and so did he. He is a wonderful Diagnostician and technician. His treatment plan addressed my every dental need.

Now I have a beautiful smile, restored self-confidence and a renewed faith in dentistry.

Thank you Dr. Bill. You are the best!"

- Esther Thomas

Case #3

Patient presented with 6 existing porcelain veneers that were in need of replacement.

Treatment: 6 upper anterior porcelain veneers.

Young girl's before picture


Young girl's after picture


"I can't stop smiling!"

Case #4

Patient presented with failing upper bridge and lower tooth loss, with worn lower anteriors.

Treatment: Complete Upper and Lower Crown and Bridge Rehabilitation using existing teeth and 7 implants to restore esthetic and functional harmony.

Tony DiPinto before picture


Tony DiPinto after picture


"WOW! I’m finally able to smile and chew... OUTSTANDING EXPERIENCE!"

- Tony DiPinto

Case #5

Patient presented with myofacial pain due to occlusal etiology (bad bite), broken down restorations and misaligned teeth.

Treatment: Anterior bite appliance to relieve muscle tension followed by orthodontics to re-establish anterior tooth alignment. Provisionalization of all 14 upper teeth and 8 lower teeth and periodontal surgery to correct gingival (gum) asymmetry and finalized with 14 upper and 8 lower posterior all ceramic crowns with whitening in the lower anterior region.

Nancy Hyland before picture


Nancy Hyland after picture


“I never thought I would wax poetic about a dentist... My teeth needed help
Dr. Bill to the rescue
I can smile again"

- Nancy Hyland

Case #6

Patient presented with discolored and worn anterior teeth as well as worn and fractured posterior teeth and crowns.

Treatment: Smile makeover consisted of Equilibration of occlusion (bite), in order to gain overjet. Provisionalization and crown lengthening of teeth was done and finalized with 15 upper and 14 lower all ceramic crowns.

Brad Barros before picture


Brad Barros after picture


"I was referred to Dr. Bill by my periodontist after having spent years searching for a dentist with the prosthetic expertise and clinical skills necessary to properly restore my bite. Thanks to Dr. Bill, I finally have the smile I always wanted."

- Brad Barros
Managing Director, Attanium