About Dr. Bill

Dr. Bill Moncevicz has provided renewed smiles to hundreds of patients since 1975.

He is a member of The American Dental Association, The Delaware State Dental Society, The South Shore Dental Society, The American Academy of Prosthetics, the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, and is a Distinguished Fellow of the American Academy of Head, Facial & Neck Pain and TMJ Orthopedics.

Dr. Bill has thousands of hours of CE, including courses in, TMJ diagnosis and treatment, aesthetic, functional, implant, periodontal and rehabilitation dentistry.

  • 400 hours Comprehensive Ortho (Roth Technique), Walter Doyle, DMD
  • Complete Continuum CE Perio Pros I, II, III and Perio Surgery I, II, Institute of Advanced Dental (Kramer)
  • Seattle Institute of Advanced Dental Education all seminars and mastery workshops (Frank Spear, DDS, MSD)
  • Complete Diagnostic Wax up Course, Compass Technique, Anterior,Posterior and Advanced Rehabilitative, International Dental Seminars (Russell T. DeVreugd, CDT)
  • One of 300 original clinicians invited to be a member of the Spear Faculty Study Club and Faculty Assistant at The Spear Institute Advanced Dental Education
  • One of 100 original clinicians invited to become Visiting Faculty of the Spear Institute Advanced Dental Education

Mastery Level Workshop Courses

Facially Generated Treatment Planning, Occlusion in Clinical Practice, Advanced Occlusion in Clinical Practice, The Restorative Connection for Mastery Level Treatment Planning, Restoration of the Worn Dentition, Esthetic, Implant, Esthetic, Clinical and Technical Management for Crowns and Veneers.


State-Of-The-Art Esthetics, Occlusion in Clinical Practice, Advanced Esthetic Techniques & Materials, Establishing & Managing A Specialty Network for Complex Cases, Esthetic Techniques & Materials, Mastering The Art of Treatment Planning and Case Presentation.

About the Staff

Chris Truono-Joyce, RDH

The friendly and caring staff of Dr. Bill's office will provide patients with knowledgeable and courteous service.

Chris Truono-Joyce, RDH, a graduate of Temple University School of Dental Hygiene, brings over 37 years of experience to the practice providing routine prophylaxis and periodontal care. Our patients receive thorough, yet gentle cleanings as well as proper oral hygiene instructions. With her expertise in all areas, Chris also, guides our patients through their comprehensive course of treatment, explaining the many complex and complicated procedures that may be rendered.

Chris's experience plus Dr. Bill's expertise in functional, restorative and aesthetic dentistry provide our patients comprehensive dental care in order to achieve a successful treatment outcome in the pursuit of excellence in your smile design.